10 Best Tips When Viewing A Property

Preparing to buy a house for the first is known to be daunting, but once done right and you have the right amount of information you need, it’s not going to be as ominous as it seemed. Quite clearly, a major part of this huge financial project is to see what kind of property you’re looking to buy. As your living conditions will depend on it, it is important to never miss viewing schedules arranged by your seller or the estate agent they hired to sell their property.

To help you through the viewings, here are then very useful advice that you can remember.

When looking at it for the first time, don’t picture it as a home yet. Look at the house as a building that needs a careful inspection.

Even though the market moves quite fast, never buy a house you have not seen. And, the more times you come over and have a look, you’ve got more chances of spotting potential issues.

Take about 15 to 30 minutes looking around the house. You might want to have a look at different times of the day for you to find out how the light and surrounding sound change over time.

Take another half hour to walk around the area. Then have another go during rush hour and when the surrounding establishments close. This will give you an idea what the neighbourhood is like.

Have a close look at how the house was built. Check to see any cracks on the wall, ask questions, and check further.

Heighten your senses.Try to sniff for musty smell around if you happen to see any damp walls. And even if you don’t see any, it still pays to see if something smells a little dodgy around the house.

Faults should not necessarily disinterest you and break the deal. You can use these issues to negotiate your offer.

Not every seller will be honest about the problems in the house. Some may do a lot of cover up to make it look attractive. So, asking them for issues wouldn’t guarantee anything. Check and look around again.

If you’re not certain as to who owns a garden or a parking space, ask the seller precisely and have them put it in writing.

Mortgage valuations are only done to determine how much the house is worth in the market, so the mortgage lender can tell how much you can borrow, Don’t mistake this for a survey. If you’re buying a previously owned property, it is strongly advised that you get a proper survey done before making an offer, to be sure that structural problems are found and dealt with.

If you’re doing the viewing with the estate agent, make sure they’ve got all relevant information with them. It is always best if they’ve got a document that shows the details of the property, while you’re making your inspection. If you find that the property is good enough and ideal for you, you should be ready to make an offer while factoring in the issues that you have seen.